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Travel Insurance

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Hi! Welcome to Rollback Travels For those who never travel with it, youll hear things like Oh, it doesn t matter if you lose your bags, just travel light with stuff you can afford to replace or Medical bills in South East Asia are pretty cheap if you get need to get over Bali belly or our favourite Travel insurance companies will just tell you the horror stories to get you to buy insurance. The last one is unashamedly true. We absolutely want you to know weve had to deal with thousands of emergencies and evacuations over the years. We want you to know that without travel insurance, an emergency evacuation can cost in excess of USD$100,000. In most cases your travels with go without a hitch. You ll not have to experience the nightmare of being seriously ill or injured in a foreign country. But if you do, the last thing you want is not having the support or financial means by which to get treated and flown home. For that alone, travel insurance is worth every cent. It can however be a little confusing, so let s try and demystify travel insurance. At World Nomads, we aim to present insurance terms with clarity, however there are times when certain terms will have various restrictions, limits and exclusions, which only the description of coverage (policy wording) can fully explain.



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